Happy Easter

Amazingly it snowed last night – there were a couple of inches (slow down now πŸ™‚ ) on the ground when we got up this morning – gone well before lunchtime πŸ™

Question – what is Co-Coa?

Answer – that’s right it is chocolate – something that Elliot has learned to say thus far.Β  So along with the following list of words, we are slowly getting there – he certainly thinks that he is having a conversation with you these days – even if the only words we understand are in the following list – in roughly the order of delivery πŸ™‚

Car – yes that’s right – his favourite word



Mummy – yes, subtly different from above – this one means what you think – mama means “I want something”

Du-Du – dummy

Ba – means bath – usually delivered as “um ba”

Co-Coa – already established this is chocolate πŸ™‚

Due – juice

Pu – means what you think – usually delivered as “um pu”

yee yee – yep – a number 1 πŸ™‚

qua-qua – this means duck

Choo choo – yep, you got it a train

Wu wu – woof woof – yep – dog

Becca – guess…

Yilly – I’m afraid this is his manhood…

In there – chair is what this means as in “I would like you to put me in my high chair so I can eat my scoobies”

Baa – sheep noise

Moo – Cow noise

Ee-ore – horse / donkey noise

a-stair – we think this means downstairs as he tends to deliver this from the top of the stairs when his intention seems to be to get downstairs to view the televisual device

Nos – you got it – nose

Mou – means mouth

Shoe – shoe

Shi – let’s not talk about that one shall we mummy?

Strange that bol (locks) has not come up yet…

We think that’s about it for now, but as suggested above, the little guy really does think he can talk – he will hold a conversation with almost anyone for a few seconds- particularly if his favourite topic comes up – cars – he is definitely his mothers’ child.

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