Week extinguished

Another week – gone 🙁

We have bought a new camera this week – one with a decent Optical zoon lens so that we can get decent pictures of things without needing to be literally standing over them to do it.

A Sony DSC-H9 was selected since it definitely delivers quality photos (Frank has one so we know from experience) and has 15x Optical zoom.  The only downside is the size – it is half way between standard digicam and an SLR.

It is getting colder again this week – we have had -2degrees C on more than one occasion and the threat from the weather forecasters is to drop to -8 !!!

We are all pretty under the weather as well presently – Vicky has had a sore throat since last weekend, Simon has had it for 2 to 3 days and Elliot is probably just on his way out of it fortunately.  He has been really off his food for almost a week, so Vicky has been cooking some finger foods for him this morning to try to tempt him back into eating properly again.  Think there is enough food for a few weeks 🙂

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