Just where did January go?

Wow – January vanished…..

The house suffered during the week with the high winds that we all seems to get smacked with – half a dozen roof tiles have made their way into the back garden – we’re sure it will be a more comfortable resting ground for them on the grass 🙁

Typically they are from the side over Elliot’s bedroom, but as it happens there is no real issue and we still appear to be water resistant up there thankfully – hopefully we will get it sorted next week and the tiles will be put back along with a couple of new ones to replace the two that broke on their way down…..

Elliot has begun to really copy our words now, so we are being (or trying to be) extra vigilant with what we say within his earshot – else it gets repeated reasonably well.  We got caught out a week or two ago when the door slammed on us – the obvious thing to say at this point would have been “oh dear” or perhaps “whoops”.  Of course we delivered the sh1t line 🙁 Yes he has said this once or twice although not for about a week now and we have managed to keep a straight face when he did say it and move the conversation on quickly. Amazing how well the little fellas catch on…..

Earlier in the week Simon reported that he was heading Stateside for 6 days but on Friday he found that this was no longer necessary so that is nice.

Jean is looking after Greenlea this week since Grandma and Granddad have nipped away for a couple of weeks in the African Sun – already the house alarm has been triggered by the high winds and the electricity blown in the downstairs sockets 🙂 Good luck Jean and enjoy….

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