Santa Special in Worth Valley

Another week – gone…

This last weekend we had a great time – on Saturday we visited Santa on his Steam Special at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway which was a really cool trip.


A shame it rained but that did not detract from the fun onboard.

 We were sat down on the train for about 1 hour and Elliot was loving it until the guy dressed as a reindeer showed – no worries from one end of the compartment to the other – Elliot was waving and laughing – little did he realise that the reindeer would stop by and say hello (or something like hello) – woa – that was the bit that was less good to the little guy.  And THEN to top it all off some jolly big guy with a large white beard and a big red suit came over to say hello too.  Too much…. Needless to say Elliot found new ways to cling to Simon – put it this way, there would be no peeling Elliot off daddy for some time 🙂

We will definitely be doing that trip again next year and will try to get to the railway again in the summer months.

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