Vegas and Children do NOT mix

Vegas is 100% NOT setup for small children – it is official.

No milk warming facilities, the fridge cannot be used to house anything bar the beer etc that is in it – if you move ANYTHING in the fridge – you have JUST bought it – be very aware of this.  The hotel staff came up to the room to figure out how we had consumed 4 bottles of beer when there are only two in that specific brand – simple – we moved them to put some milk in – then put them back again – result – 30US Dollars of charges that need removing from the bill….. Surely we are not the first people to have done that ??

The conference is 50% of the way through and seems to have been successful so far – the session that we have attended have been well attended and pretty informative – Simon not really seen much of Vegas yet – looking forward to Thursday afternoon and Friday for that … 🙂

Elliot seems to be a hit with everybody he meets – nearly everyone wants to stop Vicky to say hello to the little guy – he pretty pleased with himself as you could believe.

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