Vegas baby !!

We are here !!! 🙂

We arrived at 1am this morning – the flight was a little delayed 🙁

Poor Louis nearly shat (again) when some dude in a stupid straw hat approached him at the check in desk at that hour 🙂

The hotel is very nice – but is MASSIVE ……

The guys have been off shooting all sorts of guns – handguns (magnum) and semi automatic rifles etc.  Apparently the magnum and the AK-47 are the tools of choice ……. oh my…..

Elliot slept OK on the flight and poor Vicky got no sleep at all – Elliot then slept nicely for 6 hours or so once we got him fed and watered and seems ready to go today….

Simon is now at work (or will be in 10 mins and Vicky is going to go and figure the lay of the land and find out what there is around to do etc. Think shooting some serious weapons may well figure towards the end of the week 🙂

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