Fun, fun, fun – just who is the child in the Rust household?

Last night was truly fantastic at “Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party” in Magic Kingdom – Elliot managed to stay awake for the entire marching parade where he saw and danced with all of the characters that we all know and love.  We have captured most of it on video so that should be really cool as a reminder to him.

We went around and then met the characters up front and personal and went trick or treating – collected three large bags full of candy etc.

It was probably the best part of the entire two weeks since we were not expecting it, and had a ball – in the end we spent 5 hours in a Disney Park and did not sit on one single ride.

We sat and watched the fireworks display that was going on all over the park – Elliot was mesmerised by the noise and colourful stuff in the dark dark sky.

We ended up not getting back to the hotel until gone 1am (clearly a visit to McDonalds was customary on the way home 🙂 ) and slept until 9:30 this morning 🙂

Today has been a lazy day of breakfast and then browsing the shops etc on International Drive – almost bought Simon and Elliot some cowboy boots – I said ALMOST !! 🙂

Tomorrow is Busch Gardens (which is going to be really cool), then Friday in a water park (still up in the air as to which one), Saturday Animal Kingdom and Sunday shopping in Downtown Disney before heading on to Las Vegas in the evening….

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