The mini-golf was awesome fun – we all had a ball – I think 🙂

Yesterday we had a fabulous lunch at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, took a cool river boat ride around Downtown Disney, and then Vicky Elliot and Simon shopped around the Downtown Disney shops. It was a simply wonderful afternoon as we moseyed around the shops checking out all of the hundreds of things that we simply “just need”.

Then, to finish it all off, we went to Old Town and found another outdoor play centre for adults – a dragster ride was available – 0-110MPH in 2 seconds apparently – WOW.

Clare dragged us all there because she needed to have a go on the SKYRIDE – a 300 feet high tower where the rider is strapped in and simply freefalls forwards and through two more 300 feet tall towers like a pendulum.  Apparently Simon promised to do it 12 months ago so his hand was forced to do it. 35$ later, and they were strapped in and ready to go – Clare was definitely bricking it as we were lowered into position, Simon’s left arm was struggling with circulation when Clare grabbed it for dear life.  The ride was exhilarating – Vicky hopefully captured the majority of it on video – we’ll see shortly I guess……

Oh and tonight, we are going trick or treating at Magic Kingdom with all of the characters – we just hope Elliot will be able to stay awake to see it all..

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