Toys to play with

We have been having an ace time playing with the new toys that Elliot received for his birthday – well OK, so Simon has been having an ace time – why weren’t toys so cool when we were all kids …. 🙁

Today we have been out for a “photo shoot” that Vicky’s mum bought for Elliot for his Birthday – a traditional 1st birthday gift it seems.  We finally found the studio in Doncaster (nice) and once we got parked up, the photographer began snapping away.  We have come away with a CD with the photos (which is a nice change – usually the studios won’t allow it) and there are some really good shots – will share them in a day or two for those who give a crap 🙂

We think it may have worked out better if we didn’t all (Vicky, Simon, Grandma and Auntie Clare as well as Tyler and Elliot) stay in the same room while the photography was going on – i.e. we spent most of the time trying desperately to persuade the boys to sit still and of course – “smile”

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