Big number 1 just around the corner

Another week down, and we have a weeks vacation ahead of us – yay!

Elliot’s first birthday is on Tuesday so Vicky has been busy preparing for it – she is making him a 1st birthday cake that will look like the number “1” and has been gathering goodies for party bags as well as writing out the invitations etc.  The weather forecast typically looks tres bad – let’s hope we can still get out in the garden….

He will be getting more presents than he knows what to do with it seems – so long as we don’t train him to expect….. 🙁

The cars have had their windows tinted this week – an attempt to prevent Elliot whinging when he in the car and the sun shines in his face – Frank arranged for a guy to pop round on Thursday to do it for us – the guy rocked up at 7am and was done by just after 10!!!! Man is that a keen time to start work – he / they have done a fabulous job of the 7 series, and the 5 is even better 🙂  We just HOPE that it was worth the expense for Elliot’s constant wining when the sun is in his eyes in the car – that said, they look very cool now – will get pictures sometime next week when they are both clean 🙂

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