Congratulations Clare and Frank

Been a while since the last entries – our apologies – Simon has been out in the US for a few days during the week and Vicky has been busy with the house-sitting AND been in search of Wedding dresses with Clare – that’s right Frank proposed and Clare said …………..



Due to popular demand, we have taken some pictures of the 7 – apologies to all those who were expecting them earlier – so without further ado, here it is …..

oh, whoops – sorry that was the little engine that we went to see last weekend – couldn’t get a ride on the little fella though – not without a 2 hour queue – and we all know how much Simon loves queues…….

The real 7 is right here 🙂

And just to top it all, take a look at this pair – NO, not THAT sort of pair 🙂 Enjoy…..

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