What colour are we?

Picture the scene:

Greg, Richard and Albert (the May team – Home team)

Frank, Rusty, Darren and Curtis (the others – Away Team)

At the pool table, it’s Richards turn….. he grabs a cue, lowers himself to the table ready to have a crack…… a slight look of confusion crosses his face, then came the question – “what colour are we?”ย  Without a second thought Darren buzzed in with the answer – “GINGER” he offered – that was it, the tears were streaming down Rusty’s face, Darren was similarly uncontrollable (when he realised what he had said) and Frank, well Frank thought best not laugh in front of everyone – what a saint ๐Ÿ™‚ – the rest of the evening turned into a mickey taking, little boys sniggering in the corner type event.

I think we all had a great laugh on the night and enjoyed it thoroughly – it certainly started with a bang.

On other matters, we got the 7 back from the dealership today – BMW have kindly offered to pay for the wing mirror corrosion issue in full, the wipers are now functional (again at BMW’s expense) and the software has been updated in the centre console to hopefully prevent it returning into the German language on occasions (as it has done on a couple of occasions prior to the visit to Sandal).ย  Strangely the dealership wanting paying for this piece of work, something that Simon was not up for – it seems that they have kindly offered to pay for this also ๐Ÿ™‚ย  GOOD to have the big fella back – the garage was feeling strangely empty without it sitting in full glory.ย  Anyway, it goes back in on Thursday next week for the wing mirror work, and we will also invest in the new DVD for the Navigation system to update the maps and the postcode searching facility etc.

Elliot’s first photo shoot

The photo shoot pictures from yesterday are now available for all to see online. An example is below….

The rain has arrived in bucket loads, so that has firmly stopped the park visit that we planned for today ๐Ÿ™

We are considering a trip to the Lake District for this afternoon, but we are slightly concerned about the weather that has rolled in over the last couple of days – cold and wet seems to be the state of the game unfortunately.

We forgot to post here a few weeks ago – Elliot has been standing up very securely for a few weeks now and has even begun to take a few steps – we think that the best he has managed is about 6 or 7 steps – typically he only really does the walking when nobody is actually watching and he certainly won’t do it to order ๐Ÿ™‚

Toys to play with

We have been having an ace time playing with the new toys that Elliot received for his birthday – well OK, so Simon has been having an ace time – why weren’t toys so cool when we were all kids …. ๐Ÿ™

Today we have been out for a “photo shoot” that Vicky’s mum bought for Elliot for his Birthday – a traditional 1st birthday gift it seems.ย  We finally found the studio in Doncaster (nice) and once we got parked up, the photographer began snapping away.ย  We have come away with a CD with the photos (which is a nice change – usually the studios won’t allow it) and there are some really good shots – will share them in a day or two for those who give a crap ๐Ÿ™‚

We think it may have worked out better if we didn’t all (Vicky, Simon, Grandma and Auntie Clare as well as Tyler and Elliot) stay in the same room while the photography was going on – i.e. we spent most of the time trying desperately to persuade the boys to sit still and of course – “smile”

And relax…

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday in celebrating Elliot’s 1st birthday.ย  We all had a wonderful time and so far Elliot still has a mountain of gifts to open and enjoy.

This morning we went to Sing and Sign with Tyler and Grandma and ever since Elliot has been asleep – guess he got little sleep yesterday since so much was going on, and today he needs to catch up.

We have an afternoon of relaxing and playing with new toys etc – well so long as the little guy graces us with his presence – the cot seems preferable at this time ๐Ÿ™‚