Collecting the 7 next Saturday

Nandos was interesting – great food and a handy waiter called Francesco 🙂

The 7 series is all on for next Saturday, so a family trip is about to be planned….

Simon called the dealer today to ensure that the bodywork that required attention is being tended to- to find that (apparently) the car is in the bodyshop today being sorted, tomorrow it will be cleaned properly inside and then Friday it is being treat to a full on wax and internal polish and shine 🙂 Currently we have no reasons to disbelieve the dealership – isn’t it a bad show that we are even considering that they will not come up with the goods 🙁

Simon is now checking out iPod integration, phone integration (since that damned UK Orange SIM will not work in it … grr) and all of the vital techy stuff that is obviously highly desirable.

Thanks to Jon for his suggestions ref the XBOX 360 – it may have helped in the persuasion area – even better if we can get it going in the 7 !!!!

The weather has totally taken an upward step today – awesome sunshine – just a shame that it at the back end of the summer time …..

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