BMW 730i Sport – on the way :-)

One of Simon’s colleagues, Sascha stayed over at the house for a couple of nights this week.  During this time to subject of cars came up and Sascha has persuaded Simon to re-investigate the subject of the new motor.

Consequently, a search took place followed by a couple of phone calls, a trip to a dealership near St James Park in Newcastle, and a deal struck.  The car – a rather nice BMW 730i Sport in black (same colour as the 5 series that we already have) with cream leather. This bad boy has a TV in it 🙂 The downside? oh, yes, Vicky’s little 120d M Sport has to go …. 🙁 Great little car that it is, struggles to support Vicky, Elliot, Clare, Tyler and Grandma – consequently it is really not that useful – as pretty as it is, it is just not cutting it.

So, there it is, decision made, pity we spent £600 two weeks ago popping 4 new tyres on the little car

Vicky now has to come to terms with the fact that her steed will either be a 5 series touring OR a 7 series…. tough call 🙂

Today we are heading to the Trafford Centre to meet up with Francesco, Sophie and Fabrizio for lunch – apparently we are aiming at Nandos – Simon has never been before and is really looking forward to it…… 🙂

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