10 months old today :-)

Wow, time has definitely flown.

Well Vicky believes that Elliot’s first word is……. “Dada” – yay – Simon is tres pleased. 🙂

We are still not walking yet, but the crawling has become a sport – he can crawl as quickly as Mummy and Daddy can walk, and he is definitely able to keep up with the dogs in the house 🙂

His top two teeth are well on their way down now – the one on his right has cut through and is a monster – we are not looking forward to his getting our fingers between the bottom two and this bad boy – boy, that will HURT 🙁

We continue to have internet issues here at home – now we are down to just over 1Mb connection – was 6Mb + 4 weeks ago – BT are playing their typical games of support – Simon is not looking forward to the battle although is thinking of looking for alternative internet connection options…..

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