Happy Birthday Jenny

Well, Grannie Rust is out of hospital now, and is back at home enjoying the pampering of those around πŸ™‚

Will the damned rain ever stop? Totally miserable week once again with the rain, and this has impacted Simon’s journeys to work big time – 2 Β½ hours to get home last night πŸ™

Vicky’s car needs 4 new tyres – all ordered from our local Costco store – the fronts have arrived but the rears have not and there is currently no scheduled delivery time – a quick call around a few more garages spells a similar story πŸ™ Will be at least 3 weeks is the message that we get from them all – why oh why does that little 1 Series require those specialist tyres – double the cost of standard tyres, half the mileage and ten times the aggravation πŸ™

Elliot is still not quite walking – he is definitely getting strength in his legs as he can almost stand up from sitting down with just one hand for guidance πŸ™‚

Here is the little star with Grandad

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