Grannie Rust not well… :-(

Out for a meal last night at the Watermill near Garforth since Jason and Lizzie are heading stateside for a couple of years – they are going to be working near Washington DC.

As usual, a fab meal and Elliot behaved well considering he was three hours past bedtime by the time we got home.

The weather here is still not so clever but at least the nasty rainfall that was threatened has not appeared 🙂

Grandma Rust has taken a turn with cellulittus during the week, so unfortunately has been placed in hospital so that the condition can be controlled quickly. It worsened quickly and seems almost under control right now. The main issue for us is that the ward that she is in, has recommended that we stay away since there is some form of illness in the ward that we could contract and apparently (they won’t tell us any more) it would not be a good thing if Elliot contracted it.  At least Calderdale Hospital has a cool telephone system in it where each bed has it’s own telephone – i.e. at least we can speak with Grannie 🙂

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