Great weekend :-)

What a fabulous weekend – the weather has been outstanding in fairness, and completely not what we all expected.  We spend a portion of Saturday in Halifax, then another hour or two @ Dave and Jean’s and finished the day off with a meal out at the Kaye Arms. It was great to get out for a meal – just the two of us – first time we have been out solo since our last wedding anniversary in December 2006.

We need to get out more, so we need to find a good babysitter (or babysitters) so that we are not always using the same people and hence we feel as though we take the pi%% a little.

Today, Simon setup Elliot’s garden toys – i.e. inflatable JCB ball pool, and inflatable toys on a 2.5m square playmat. We got it all setup, played for 30 mins and then slept ……… for about 2 and a half hours 🙁

Vicky and Simon sat out on the loungers while Elliot slept – in honesty, not a lot else happened – a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon 🙂

Video footage has been taken but will be a few days before it can be processed.

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