Finally – can crawl at last… :-)

Last night he made his first voyage – and TYPICALLY neither Vicky or Simon were there to see it 🙁

Anyway, he has been busy “dragging” himself along today by all accounts and is slowly picking up skills that he needs to use both legs as well as his arms 🙂 His travels are only if he feels he really needs to at present, but the XBOX seems to be something that he NEEDS to visit pretty regularly along with the fireplace.  We will be buying all of the necessary protective gear nowish and the pipe lagging has already been applied to the hearth so that he doesn’t crack himself on it if he should tumble 🙁

Pepsi has already figured what this means and is avoiding the lounge at nearly all costs presently – Max on the other hand seems to be enjoying the attention that he is suddenly getting….

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