Manchester trip

Elliot is now finding that sleeping on his side is FAR more comfortable – we have caught him asleep on many mornings now 🙂

Are we rotten parents for taking photographs like these?

We have had a fabulous 4 days even though the weather has shown us all of the seasons in as many days – often many times during each day.  The Christening on Sunday was really cool, and the boys really did well to behave themselves perfectly and without any issue at all (well except Elliot who decided is was time for a number two right as we all stood in front of the altar for the main event ….  Typical – he knows how to time it).  The food post the event was stunning – sorry no photographs….

We stayed in the Midland Hotel in Manchester city centre on the Sunday night and while we were enjoying a rather nice bottle of red, who should we see but some TV celebrities – the chap who plays Marlon Dingle, Richard Arnold from GMTV and Nicky Chapman to name but a few.  The hotel was very nice, the room large and the service was pretty good (once it actually began – we waited almost 20 minutes to be served in the bagr initially – then once service commenced no further complaints) and the location spot on.

15 minutes walk to Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Louis Vuitton – so V was tres happy.  We succeeded in all but on of the requirements – we failed to get anything at all for Elliot.  It seems that designer clothes are not something that are easy to come by for little tots – probably a good thing given that £80 was the apparent going rate for a pair of half decent jeans – not bad at 6 to 8 times the price of a typical high street store !!!

Out for V’s birthday yesterday to the Italian in Wakefield – Simon drank a little too much and needed to “unload” some of it before a healthy sleep would be applicable 🙁 We managed to leave the bar from the pram in the restaurant so will have to go back this week to collect it.  The meal was spot on, and with the exception of Simon drinking too much, we think it fair to say all had a great time.

Finally, take a look at the following…

We are definitely worried about the televisual viewing habits of the littlest Rust…..

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