Ill? pah..

Simon has spent all weekend in a state of significant illness – seemingly flu, but then who can tell?

We also looked after the Leech kids while Guy and Anita had a “short break” (as Christopher called it) in Amsterdam as part of the 40th birthday celebrations.  We just hope that they have not contracted the illness that Simon has got.

Late on Sunday, Vicky came down with the lurgy as well and has spent most of Monday (today) in bed feeling pretty sorry for herself.  It seems that Vicky finally accepts that Simon was ill after all, and was not in fact just skiving from looking after the kids.

Vicky and Elliot are booked into see the doctor tomorrow as the last thing we need is for Elliot to contact this bug, and then get really knocked off all of his patterns etc.

We’ll see how we all feel in the morning…….

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