Back home again

Home again now although there is plenty of evidence of the bad weather of the week – trees still cut up on the sides of the roads, traffic lights still not operational etc etc.

Simon got back to find the boiler had overheated again – that’s four times in less than 10 days – Gregory suggested that it had occurred three times since it was installed – yet suggested to check it daily – think that suggests three times before they went on holiday BUT this year !!!!!

Simon also had a go at the backwashing the filtration system in the pool today, and got rather worried when there was what appeared to be scum on the surface of the water – it ended up that the water level in the pool had dropped below that of the filter, and it had begun to suck air in, and then push it back into the pool which appeared as tiny bubbles – Simon thought this was something he had done wrong – dumb ass 🙂

Anyway, all sorted now, and we got a high chair from Mamas and Papas that was reduced by £25 so that was nice as well.  Hopefully it will see Elliot through for a long time – thanks to Great Grandparents Rust for buying it for Elliot.

Simon has also replaced the computer switch in Greenlea as the previous model seemed to overheat and basically stop functioning – so far the new unit is not overheating and having the same issue – or certainly it has worked for longer than the previous one – time will tell.

Hopefully will get a few more minutes tomorrow to delve further into the telephone system / front door phone system to see how we can integrate them to get the external gates bells to ring through the house and likewise to then be able to operate the external gates from the phones.

Time is something we will always be short of…….

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