Rice is going down WELL :-)

Apple and Rice seems to be a winner – we had a small paddy when the pot of it was finished…. Something tells us that weaning is not quite going to be as difficult as we have thus far imagined since he seems to have really taken to it well.

The pool party was a success yesterday as Greg’s neighbours came around with scuba diving gear (apparently they are qualified instructors) and the kids loved it.  Too much wine was consumed by just about everyone – we think Darren M may well have been in big trouble when he got home 🙂

We have been down to get our pool maintenance training (ready for the next couple of weeks as we look after Greenlea) and there is certainly a lot to remember – I think we will be OK though.

We apologise for the lack of new photos – the cameras have not been out this Christmas with the Video Camera kind of taking over a little.

The last holiday is up – back to it tomorrow, and to make it worse, we are right into a 5 day office week (i.e. in the office every day from early until late) and next week will be just the same.

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