New car seat and baby rice :-)

We collected Elliot’s new car seat today and it has to be said that it looks awesome.  It really is worth the additional cash in that it fixes directly to the chassis of either of our cars via ISOFIX, reclines as and when desired, and has very neat seat belt management to offer (we hope anyway) much better comfort for the little guy as we travel around in the car.

We have also been and bought some new outdoor lights today for the external doors – about time since we have been saying we want to swap the cheap crap that the builders supplied since the day we moved in.  The RING factory shop certainly spoiled us with some very nice stainless steel items at almost 66% discount :-).  Simon has ordered the automatic light bulbs (they switch themselves on in the dark and off again when the sun comes up and burn a fraction of the wattage of ordinary bulbs however, they cost almost as much as the fittings !!!) to go in them and will fit all next week sometime…… let’s just hope the the buggers don’t stay in their boxes in the hallway for the next month…….

Gregory’s birthday tomorrow so there is a pool party on again – should be a whole heap of fun as there are apparently nearly 40 people going…….

Pear and Baby Rice (even though Simon thinks it tastes like eating wet paper bags….) seems to work well with the little guy – he was almost biting the end off the spoon this afternoon 🙂 We certainly have lift off with solid type food eating and moving Elliot forwards.

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