Holiday almost over… :-(

The Holiday is coming to a close 🙁

Simon has really enjoyed the time away from work for the last 2 weeks and is certainly not looking forward to those mega journeys to and from Warrington again.

Elliot has been in today for his second round of injections and for about 8 seconds or so, it looked like a walk in the park, and then the 8 seconds of screaming.  He was pretty quickly back to smiling and laughing at us again, so I guess all ended well.

Simon has been helping Greg with the telephone system and the TV system @ Greenlea today (i.e. ensuring that we know what the electrician is actually doing) so that once the electrician has left, we won’t be left holding a hot potato.  Vicky seems to be getting tress annoyed with the amount of time Simon has spent helping out just recently so the cool off period has commenced – no help for a while – sorry Greg.

We have also agreed to stay in Greenlea when the residents go off on holiday in a week or so, which should mean using the gym a little more frequently to get both Simon and Vicky back into proper regular exercise other than dog walking (and the other 🙂 )

We have also ordered the new car seat for Elliot as it will not be long before he is too big for his current seat, and then we will be in trouble.  A nice ISOFIX item has been ordered from BMW that fits the car perfectly and should be more comfortable as the seat belt management is better.  Should be here byu the end of the week – possibly tomorrow.

We had a weigh in on Tuesday – 16lbs 14oz, so the little guy is definitely piling the weight on nicely – it certainly shows as you try to pick up his car seat with him in it from the inside of the car !!!

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