Happy New Year

Well there we have it, a major year in our lives gone – it has certainly been a quick year.  Much happened in 2006 and all of it possibly the most important and challenging of our lives thus far.  We are very thankful that all are healthy and that the littlest one arrived safely.

We spent the last night of 2006 at home eating, drinking and playing games such as HedBanz (I think is it’s name) which definitely caused a laugh for a few hours.  The night seemed to disappear and in all fairness it was 11:55pm before we knew it.  Fireworks have sure become a major part of celebrating the New Year in recent years – was it just the Millennium celebrations that caused this change? The fireworks seemed to be going from about 10pm onwards and people sure do spend a small fortune on them.

We have Becca staying over tonight and tomorrow we are going shopping for teething rings, sleep suits and vests for Elliot, oh and to check out new TV’s – they will have to be very good deals to prize a wallet open, that’s all we will say.

What a GREAT movie Cars is – if you have not seen it, rent it or buy it – it is worth the cash – awesome movie.  We watched it tonight and will definitely watch it again sometime pretty soon.

2007 will for sure be a fun year as we have many knew things to prepare for and to look forward for – toddler about the house – look out…..

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