Volley Ball…

Well, we have replaced the tyre on Simon’s car 🙁 We have put all of Elliot’s cheques in his bank account finally but we have still not managed to get a replacement bulb for the oven.  We simply keep forgetting about it – or rather Simon does…..

We had a pool Volley Ball tournament down at Greenlea today – great fun – 5 a side and the teams were:

  •  Rusty, Guy L, Christopher L, Jake L and Dave (neighbour)

  •  Greg, Darren M, Frank R, Curtis M and Adam (neighbour)

Water laugh we all had – the important bit though is that Rusty’s team took the game 3 to 1 🙂 Nobody got hurt and all enjoyed it big time.  The pool tournament took place right afterwards in the play room, with Darren M being the victor – not that he was too smug about it ……

We have decided on new car seats for Elliot for when he is a little bigger as he is already almost filling the existing seat and apparently he should not be changing to a bigger seat until he is nine months – no chance if he is nearly already too big for the existing item.  A nice ISOFIX item will be ordered tres soon from the dealership and will fit the car better than most seats since it is designed for the car – will of course also fit other cars with ISOFIX fitments.

Elliot sampled his first ever Milkybar today – he LOVED it.  We know it is really too soon, but he was watching us eat and was salivating so we thought “what the heck”.  The only issue was that he thought that he could get it all in at once sideways and of course was none too pleased with us when we took it out of his mouth and only allowed him to suckle on the end and bite off little chunks.

Leads us onto the other news – he has been on Baby Rice twice daily (only one tiny spoonful mixed up) along with his bottles.  He seems to be taking to thicker food from a spoon really well, although if he is tired, we are definitely wasting our time – the bottle is all that will do.  It is unfortunately turning his stools, well, solid – he struggled for 5 minutes to pass something tonight – upon inspection it was almost the size of a squash ball and certainly not as soft 🙁

Still not sorted out what we doing for New Year’s Eve yet so I guess we will be spending the time at home on our lonesome.  Hey ho…..

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