Last night was Simon’s works Christmas Party near Warrington in Cheshire.  It was a good night with plenty of drinks flowing.  It was also……….. Elliot’s first night out…………. he stayed at his Grandmas and he seems to have really enjoyed himself.  When we got back to him at lunchtime today, he seemed unaware that we had not been there and happy as ever.  As a note, since the cold has gone away he seems to be a really happy chappy in general and the sleeping patterns have almost returned to where they were a couple of weeks back.

Simon and Elliot went Christmas shopping this afternoon – clearly something that Elliot will cherish forever – he slept the whole time 🙁 Obviously Daddy is very entertaining and interesting………… oh, no ?

The Christmas shopping arrived from Tesco and Vicky nipped to Costco while Simon and Elliot were shopping, so we are all ready for Christmas Eve party at our place and with the exception of a little gift wrapping, we are all done for Christmas Day as well.

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