Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

The week simply did not get any better – think Simon has spent as much time in the car this week as he has done sleeping….. One bad journey a week is acceptable, but 7….. oh my.

Finally we have decided (perhaps against our own personal judgement) that a camcorder in a necessary item to ensure that we capture much of Elliot’s early days.  Simon has trawled the tradernet researching the multitude of different machines available, and decided that a hard disk type of recorder is probably best, since all footage will only be downloaded to the computer in any case 🙂  Said item has now been ordered but typically seems unavailable (out of stock) at the vendors approached.  So, now we wait…… hoping that the item will be delivered in time for Christmas.  Either way, it won’t be here in time for tomorrow and Elliot’s first swimming lesson.

We have had many nights this week of little continuous sleep, although at least he lies in his cot alone and talks to himself rather than screaming the house down.

The old video footage is now nearly all digitised – the only challenge is the 1985 Majorca video has come off one of the spools, meaning that the player cannot drag the tape through the machine – hence we can’t watch it.  The tape is about to be opened……

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