Christmas Tree up :-)

Well, we got the Christmas tree up and decorated last night and then we finished off today, with the icicle lights outside and the brief pieces in the dining room.  We have decided to not have a real tree this year and have put the tree that usually sits on the upstairs landing in the lounge.

So far, Elliot has been totally disinterested in the lights which comes as surprise.

The work has begun on the old VHS videos of Simon and siblings as kids in Sandyhills, and at home etc.  Amazing to see all of the old stuff again and really brings it back to you.  Is great to see old Sam again, and it has to be said, LARGE plums !!

The recording of the videos to digital will probably take some time – possibly weeks, but for those of you who might be on video, it will be found – Vicky and I did laugh today at some footage of Richard Hunter at about 3 years old, pushing a dolls pram up and down the garden at Rothwell Road – very nice !!

I think we have decided to save some cash and buy a video camera – the footage has taught me that Elliot will never get his early days back and it would be nice to have such things recorded for when he gets a bit older – I don’t think we appreciate this sort of thing until it is too late – thanks to Mum and Dad for doing it for us.  Timmy, there will be footage of you coming up very soon – be warned 🙂

It has become very windy over the weekend – to the point that it blew the patio heater over and damaged it (fortunately not beyond repair) – I guess that will teach Simon to not be a lazy ass, and sort it out in good time next year.

Well, yet another weekend gone, with only 3 or so until the Christmas holidays – this year really has shot by massively.  The countdown begins….

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