Boys night in

Destination….. Meadowhall

Another day, another shopping trip – this time we actually DID do some Christmas shopping and have made a really nice dent in it. Meadowhall usually have some fabulous Christmas decorations, but this year we couldn’t help feeling disappointed, with no big scene and just the usual sort of walkway lights and decorations.  The tree in the main food court was pretty impressive but that was about it.

Clare and Tyler joined us and we had a great day out.  We had a fab lunch at pizza express although the first choice of the Christmas Pizza (that’s right with Turkey and stuffing etc) was unavailable as some fool had not ordered enough stuffing in 🙁

Vicky is heading out for a meal with friends tonight so night in for Simon and Elliot with XBOX I think.  Perhaps some Bond movies and cheeky beers……

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