Meeting more of the family…

We returned from our mini trip to Newcastle last night, where Elliot met his Great Grandma

amongst many other members of his family…

Believe it or not, he slept through both nights in the hotel causing Vicky to wonder if we should move in permanently :-).  Anyway, he similarly slept right through last night as well AND is down to just 4 bottles a day (or he was yesterday anyway).

We saw the Gullivers Travels show in Fenwicks window, and spent time in Eldon Square, the Metro Centre as well as a couple of 20 minute scream journeys where the little guy simply had trapped wind – seemed to really cause pain for him – as well as the fellow journey makers.

Pepsi and Max spent the three days with Auntie Jenny and seem to be sulking now they are back home – perhaps they got more attention from Jenny than we have been giving them recently – something we need to address in the coming weeks I guess.

We plan to go back for a few more days in late December – possibly in the New Year where maybe we will catch up with more of the family.

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