Sleepless in Ossett

We have got over the lack of sleep from two nights ago (didn’t get to sleep until 6:30 am – I guess we were about due a bad night.  Anyway, more visitors have been round to see Elliot – your picture may well be in the gallery – take a look?

The pram is beginning to come together now, with the hood being cleaned by Simon to bring it back to its’ Navy Blue colour and to get rid of the smell of damp that still exists within the main carriage.  With a bit of luck (and plenty of sunshine) Elliot may be taking a ride in it within a fortnight.

Elliot had his first proper sick today, and the great news is that it was not on Simon – straight over Vicky instead – and yes, a shower was required to clean Vicky up – Elliot – just needed a new top on – good skills

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