Big sleep :-)

If we said 8 hours sleep, would you believe us? We had tea at Elliot’s Grandma’s last night and he created big time – he had two bottles of 3.5 oz within 2 hours of each other as well as boobie scoobies, and yet still felt it was fair to scream for a couple of hours.

In fairness we had begun to think that the little guy was constipated and that this was the problem in question.  Simon’s friends at work, who’s little boy Fabrizio has also been having both breast milk and the SMA Gold formula, got significant bouts of constipation from the SMA Gold.  Once he changed to alternative formula, the daily motions returned :-).

This was not the problem, a few little trumps and hey hey, we had nutella deployment in his shorts – Vicky was laughing uncontrollably until it was pointed out that it was her turn to change the nappy……..

Once a further feed was delivered, and 1 hour of whinging, we had a whole 8 continuous hours of sleep.  Truly amazing, and yes we are waiting for the opposite to occur – we know that it is overdue now.

Today was fun as we went to Meadow Hall in Sheffield for a quick shop and lunch out (a first on two counts for us – i.e. venturing out shopping properly AND lunch out to boot), so today Elliot had his first meal in Pizza Express.  No dramas and I’m sure that he was unaware of the feed let alone the location – he slept the whole day, or so it seemed.

Further great news – Simon’s pram is complete and we are going to collect it tomorrow night so the photos will hopefully be posted up here in a day or two.  We are also awaiting the photos of Simon in said pram from 32 years ago – that will making interesting reading now doubt.

Until then…….

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