Meeting lots of people…

Elliot met his great grandparents yesterday afternoon, along with his grandma and Aunty Jenny again.  He slept for 4 solid hours during the day so great grandparents didn’t actually get to see him with his eyes open unfortunately.

I think is it safe to say that all were made up with the little guy.

Simon dealt with his first “up the back” type dirty nappy yesterday, and given he thought it would be a quick wet nappy he had no change mat ready and was showing off changing the nappy over his knee.  Guess what Simon won’t be doing again (no more showing off without a change mat) ………

We struggled with him again last evening with regards to settling him down, and think it may be down to his not having full meals, but snacking instead, and hence never really filling his tummy.  I guess this is the steep learning curve that all new parents must clamber up pretty darned quickly.

As a final note Vicky woke Elliot this morning by changing his nappy as she was worried that something was wrong with the little guy – he had been asleep since just past 1am – it was 8:10am !!!! 7 hours kip – awesome.

Looking forward to the next new day…..

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