Leaf raking 🌲🌳🍃🍃

This mornings no daddy decided that the leaves in the back garden needed raking and collecting up. Strangely enough, the boys were not so keen – however, this was to be a no choice option. It had dropped to a couple of degrees below zero overnight so the garden and leaves were nice and frosty so would perhaps be easier and certainly cleaner to pickup.

We now have 2 x 1m cubed bags full of leaves 🍃 at the end of the garden.

Olly basically whinged for almost two straight hours, Elly whinged for the first 30 and then realised no whinging was stopping it happening πŸ™‚

Daddy has two large blisters on his hands – suck it up buttercup….

So, just got the ivy to pull from the wall on the side of the house and the new floodlights to install – maybe this afternoon or Friday….

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