Bruce on axle stands

That’s right, the big guy is currently in Kippax, up on stilts as his wheels are finally being treated at the Wheel shop in Sandal.  Simon has finally got round to fixing his mistakes (curbed wheels) but to do so means that the wheels needed to be taken off and taken to the specialist without the car… 🙁

Hopefully we will be in receipt of 4 brand new (looking) alloy wheels that can go back on the car this time next week.  Simon has purchased some Swissvax wheel protector to apply to the new wheels to reduce the amount of gunge that will build up (brake dust) following use.  They should clean up much easier etc and be in way better condition for longer (assuming Simon doesn’t get in the drivers seat and catch curbs of course !!!)

Simon has also ordered 4 brand new centre caps for the wheels to ensure that the nearly new look is followed through across the wheels 🙂  Now all he needs to do is find a weekend where he can spend the daylight hours detailing the body work etc – then he will really look like new again – plus would be protected for the winter months of sludge and salt etc…

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