Pepsi update…

Simon took Pepsi to see his friends at Palmer and Duncan this morning at 8:20am and needed Uncle Tim to help move him onto the back of the car πŸ™ He was still not up for eating (less good news) and did not want to move at all.

Once we got him into the vets he seemed to perk up a bit πŸ™‚ After a full examination the vet suggested that he was not in any worse state that he has been previously and that he must have just twisted awkwardly (or similar) and that he was probably in ‘lock down mode’ where he was not allowing himself to move such that he could repair quicker.

Anyway, she gave him a shot to help with the pain and Simon brought him home. Β He almost immediately ate his breakfast πŸ™‚ and then took himself slowly outside to do his business.

He has stayed pretty motionless for the rest of the time today and has whimpered out on a couple of occasions so hopefully he is on the right recovery road.

If pain is clearly persisting, then he can go back for one more injection tomorrow, although the fact that he is more alert again and eating is all nicely positive signs πŸ™‚


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