First week at Silcoates

Well, we have endured our first full week at the Wrenthorpe based schools at Silcoates.  Elliot was overwhelmed for the first couple of mornings, but today we did not have any tears before walking into class with the rest of his classmates AND we almost had tears tonight as he realised that he is not going to school tomorrow !!!! So, something has really worked for him in tis last day or two, as he has turned from being non-committal about the whole going to Silcoates thing to being adamant of wanting to go even on the weekend.  He has even migrated from only eating a sandwich and cucumber sticks for lunch (Monday thru Thursday) to a hot meal of pasta, meat balls and chips today 🙂  He still had the cucumber sticks and also took on a jelly for desert.  We are really pleased with his progress in what must be a very daunting thing – going from a school with just 100 pupils across all ages to one where there are more like a 1000 pupils rushing around etc.  BIG change for the big guy 🙂

Oliver on the other hand has loved being at Sunny Hill all week, although it has REALLY tired him out being there all day 5 days 🙁

We have taken Bobby to Joseph James to sell ASAP as we need a proper family car with decent fuel economy, as Simon runs around with his new business.  The registration plates have been requested via DVLA to be taken off Bobby and Tina – Tina is next – once we get the new V5 documents back, Tina will be up for sale on Piston Heads.  So, we are looking at the end of Aston Martin ownership feeling great that we have owned one (even if only for 10 months) and actually feeling reasonably good about selling her.  One day, Simon hopes to own one again, but we’ll see if that happens in good time.

Interesting Bobby is actually up for nearly 1000 UKP more than we paid last November for her – just shows the fluctuation in value of convertible cars over the months.  Fingers crossed we can obtain most of that grand 🙂

Between the cars, we have covered just 3,000 miles in Bobby in the last 10 months and Tina has seen shy of 2,000 so hardly been used in honesty.

Great weekend ahead – Matt, Sara and the girls are coming tomorrow and depending on whether they are up for a camp style sleep over, may be staying overnight – thankfully we have plenty of sambuca….. 🙂

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