1st day BACK at school – Silcoates and Sunny Hill School

The boys have now endured their respective first day back at school.  As you might guess, they are both exhausted and are going to sleep well tonight 🙂

Elliot was a little overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of pupils there as well as the large amount of noise as we turned the corner to where the Junior school sits.  Let’s face it there were a couple of hundred children running around – they tend to make lots of noise to get heard over the other kids 🙂  He also said he was apprehensive about lunch time as he was not sure what to do or where to go.  Mrs Chambers explained everything about what was going to happen during the day and how he was going to have lots of fun.

Oliver disappeared while we were calming Elly down – he had run off to play with the older kids – no problems there then 🙂

So, after we left Elliot (the classes were marching inside for their respective registers, we dropped Oliver off at Sunny Hill (the infants school (3-5) and he just cracked on with his play – he was unconcerned whether we were there or not in honesty – great 🙂

They have both clearly had long days and were both starving when we got home – so mummy made them dinner straight away and they have also snacked since dinner.  We think Elliot will just opt for the easy choice of sandwiches for lunch meaning that he will definitely need a large meal when he gets home in the evening.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less stressful than today and it will all just get easier.  On the plus side, it seems that the school drop off and collection is not going to be quite as complex as we thought it might be since the timing all seems to work.  i.e. Leave home at 8am and drop Elliot off at the Junior school before 8:30 and then drive down to Sunny Hill to drop him off before 8:50.  Then in the afternoons, collect Elliot at 15:10 and then down to Sunny Hill for 15:30 (he officially finishes at 15:20 but the 10 minutes seems OK –  there seems to be plenty of parents doing the same run as us).

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