New House – number 4

Yesterday we went to contract and bought a new home. OK, so it is a small rental property in Wakefield and we are not moving into it – let’s call it number 4.

It has taken 2 months to buy from the moment we agreed a price – seems to take much longer to buy houses these days 🙁

The seller is staying in it for a few weeks while they find a new home, since their new house fell through :-(. Means that we have a rental income from day 1 🙂

We will need to get in to check electric and gas etc as soon as they move out, and get the place painted etc, and then hopefully get onto renting it out properly ASAP.

Bathrooms and kitchen are now complete…

OK, so there is still some painting to do but the main work has completed 🙂

See the final image from the ground floor toilet:

Day 18 - Ground Floor Bathroom

We managed to get the first coat of the paint on the kitchen walls last night, with the hope that the second (and final) coat will go on tonight.  Then, the kitchen and utility rooms will be finished completely.  The ground floor toilet will need a coat of paint at some point sadly – the wall got damaged during the previous unit removal 🙁

We also have a carpet to be fitted to the stairs and upstairs hallway soon – just waiting to hear when te fitter can get to us 🙂

The outside tap got fixed today as well so Simon can get back onto cleaning the cars given that a) the tap is now fixed and b) the weather has warmed up a bit 🙂

Half Term !!!

The children have only just gone back to school after Christmas, and now we have made it to half term…

This week the boys are not at school so we have planned to get out and play and see stuff as much as we can.  Today, we took the boys to “Go Hyper” in Dewsbury – a relatively new play centre near the shopping centre where Sainsbury and Next are.  Sadly, while it was very clean and seemed like a great place, our boys were either a little young or a little old for the two sections that were available for play.  There are two sections – under 5’s and over 5’s.  Olly is really too old for the under five section but is way too young for the over fives.  Elly has the same but opposite problem. 🙁  So, we ended up getting some drinks, crisps and cakes and enjoying a little play – then we head home.

Tomorrow we are going to head to Pirates Cove near Barnsley.  Elliot is really looking forward to the trip and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is wanting to go in his Captain Jack Sparrow outfit 🙂

We also plan to get out to 10 pin bowling, football and a train trip before the week is out.  Simon is hoping to get down to London for an interview however on Thursday so this may well put a small spanner in the works.

Separately, it seems that the macerator in the kitchen sink does not always work – the vacuum switch seems to be a dodgy connection / vacuum.  Also, the outside tap is not working at all – Simon was pleased to have got all the car washing kit out only to find that the water was not available for rinsing etc.  Johnny from the kitchen shop is coming back on Wednesday morning to take a look at the two items 🙂