One weekend, TWO Father Christmas visits… :-)

We have had a great weekend with lots of stuff on the agenda.  Saturday was Emily-Mae’s 3rd Birthday party at the Ponderosa in Heckmondwike – a very cool morning spent feeding llama’s, pigs,  goats etc.  Elliot loved it of course, but was typically less keen to go and talk to Father Christmas after the feeding – although the little toy that he received has not been put down since 🙂

Then, today (Sunday) we went down to Sundown Adventure land near Retford, Lincolnshire with David, Julie and Abbie.  While it was cold, they had little stalls selling soup and hotdogs and alcohol free mulled wine (v nice it turns out).  The hour long wait for the tractor ride was painful but worthwhile according to Elliot and the hour and a half wait for Father Christmas was let down only by Elliot’s lack of wanting to see him at all, once he realised why he had queued for so long.  It was one of the best Father Christmas setups I think we have ever seen – just a shame it took so long to get there 🙁

It has been a little warmer this weekend than during the week, which definitely made the two trips much better – given that they were both outdoors 🙂

Hair cut sir?

Wouldn’t usually make the news but the boys had their hair cut today – must have been three months since Elliot last had it cut – was beginning to look like a little sheep 🙂

We had snow again today – couple of inches before we awoke – unfortunately Elliot didn’t get the chance to play out in it, as it has rained pretty much all day and by this evening, it had pretty much all gone 🙁

Perhaps next time ?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow :-)

We awoke this morning to heavy rain, which quickly turned to snow – within about 20 minutes, we had a light covering.  Simon’s travel to the office took just under 3 hours since the motorway network of course dragged to a halt – small amount of snow – a major problem to us all of course…

If only we could deal with it like other countries seem to manage.  I guess it could be that the manufacturers sell cars to us that are totally incapable of handling a little frozen water 🙂

Anyway, it (the snow) has mostly disappeared by this evening.