Last night was Simon’s works Christmas Party near Warrington in Cheshire.  It was a good night with plenty of drinks flowing.  It was also……….. Elliot’s first night out…………. he stayed at his Grandmas and he seems to have really enjoyed himself.  When we got back to him at lunchtime today, he seemed unaware that we had not been there and happy as ever.  As a note, since the cold has gone away he seems to be a really happy chappy in general and the sleeping patterns have almost returned to where they were a couple of weeks back.

Simon and Elliot went Christmas shopping this afternoon – clearly something that Elliot will cherish forever – he slept the whole time 🙁 Obviously Daddy is very entertaining and interesting………… oh, no ?

The Christmas shopping arrived from Tesco and Vicky nipped to Costco while Simon and Elliot were shopping, so we are all ready for Christmas Eve party at our place and with the exception of a little gift wrapping, we are all done for Christmas Day as well.

Swimming, camcorders and holidays around the corner…

Video camera tested, and is good, very good.  Can heartily recommend a Sony DCR-SR90E to anyone who is looking for quality images and sound, all with NO tapes and immediate connectivity to your computer(s) via USB2.0.

We got some awesome footage of Pepsi hooning around with a vibrating dancing child’s toy – he was genuinely scared of it but very curious at the same time – the footage will be uploaded as soon as Simon gets time to pop it online.  We have the second swimming lesson where Elliot and Tyler finally made it into the big pool – poor little tykes were shivering for the first few minutes – they soon got over it and started having fun though.  Again, footage available tres soon.

Two days to go and then holiday time – definitely ready for the break and the time cannot pass quick enough for Simon, or slowly enough for Vicky 🙂

Elliot’s cold is still around but having less of an impact on him and therefore his sleeping is becoming better again – i.e. he only woke once last night at about 11pm, and then stayed sleeping / looking at his ceiling until 7:30am – which is just dandy.

Delivery already !!!

Would you believe it – a delivery from Amazon !!! My faith is restored in internet shopping 😉

Will open the box later tonight and assuming that is is the camcorder, get it charging for action tomorrow.

Yet another 2.75 hour journey home tonight – which is nice. With the rain, it being Friday AND Christmas being next weekend (or thereabouts), I guess it has really had an effect on the nations’ road network.  Only one more journey into the office, and a trip to Bracknell next week, and that’s it – done until the New Year.

Video Camera purchase made…

Well, the little guy seems to have taken on the cold again and this time it is here to stay.  He seems to be really suffering and it is causing him significant sleep related issues – i.e. he isn’t.

He was up roughly every hour on the hour last night 🙁

The Video Camera purchase has taken a dive with the shop that took the order (and saying that they had stock) ended up in not having the stock, and then worse still when we asked about it we got radio silence.  Simon telephoned the company today since the emails seemed to hit the ether and disappear, and the bottom line was nothing until January at the earliest.  Escape plan deployed and we are now awaiting a delivery from old faithful Amazon – granted it 30UKP more expensive, but I think we are happier given Amazon is a known good (to us anyway) and they give the impression that they will be able to deliver before Christmas 2006 🙂